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Invest early in your bone health

Bones grow and develop most intensively during your childhood and adolescence. During your late 20s to mid 30s your peak bone mass is achieved, after which bone density diminishes slowly. Therefore, the higher the peak bone mass gained at a younger age, the longer the bone mass can be preserved, and the lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Calcium, the building block for bones requires vitamin K, and studies have shown that a better vitamin K status in children is linked to stronger, healthier bones. Young bones are very active and osteocalcin (the bone protein that vitamin K activates for calcium to bind to the bone matrix) levels are 8-10 X higher compared to adults.

Children therefore have a higher requirement for vitamin K, and majority of children are vitamin K deficient!

The consumption of processed food, few vegetables and less food naturally rich in vitamin K has resulted in a low K vitamin intake. In addition, studies in America report that 87 % of adolescent girls and 64 % of boys do not consume sufficient calcium and bone building nutrients for normal bone growth.

Taking a calcium supplement combined with vitamin K, and vitamin D is essential for healthy bones need for life!

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